I get asked quite often, “Yo, do [insert decade]’s era mix, folks would love that.” So I did a 70’s era mix, folks did like it. I’m gonna do an 80’s mix as well sometime in the near future. But to know me, to have been at a show I’ve performed at, especially when i was spinning a more open format of DJ’ing, you would know I snuck a lot of 90’s era stuff into my sets. I was a teen in the early 90’s and old enough to have clubbed in the middle to later portions. This love for 90’s music will never die.

I see a lot of DJ’s from my era doing “FaceBook Live” or “InstaGram Live” DJ shows. And I’m all about it. It’s great. I’ve seen some DJ’s even set up a zoom and then charge for it. Again, room to move if you wanna go down that lane. Then there’s me. I get again asked to do the live sets, and to be honest, the recordings you all listen to of mine (THANK YOU BY THE WAY) are all recorded live. Mistakes and imperfections, sloppy transitions or missed beats included. You get the whole experience in a format that allows you to start/stop/pick up where you left off at. Think of me as “On Demand” 🙂

When I announced I was retiring, I lost a part of my soul. I don’t think I’ll ever really part from this…

This series if you can’t tell by it’s 3rd entry, really keeps me moving as a DJ. I’m able to do these mixes and be happy with the fact that I’m playing house music. My Soulful House Sessions series is another that sits near my heart. I can play out some deep and jazzy tracks that speak to y’all as well. I love this journey. I love the prep and the playing and then this portion as well. I have a smile on my face every single time I do this. But there is one more thing I wanna talk about before I let you get on to the music

Just a few years back some of you will remember this. When I announced I was retiring, I lost a part of my soul. I don’t think I’ll ever really part from this again because I found my real love. I know a lot of you are feeling trapped at home, or even exiled from the world. But you have music to help you out. And i’m hoping my contribution, although not as flashy as a D-Nice or whoever is spinning live today. Just know it’s always here for you.

So without further banter from me, here’s this months mix…a mixture of 90’s songs remixed of course. From Shaggy to Jodeci to Redman to The Fugees, cheers to my 90’s heads!!!! As always keep the music rocking, stay safe and healthy and salute to my front line folks out there risking it all to help keep us going. I love you all!!!


  1. Platinum Doug, Croatia Squad – Brown Sugar (Croatia Squad Remix)
  2. Proxy Brown – Alive (Original Mix)
  3. Yass – Get Some (Main Mix)
  4. Crazibiza – Soul Cool (Original Mix)
  5. Scotty Boy, Amiirah – Hey Mr. DJ (DJ Dan Remix)
  6. DJ S.K.T – Poison (Extended Mix)
  7. Antranig – Whores (Original Mix)
  8. Rescue – Every Freakin’ Day (Original Mix)
  9. Dario Nunez – BOMBASTIC (Original Mix)
  10. Sandro Silva – Hands High (Original Mix)