Back at it again!! I want to start by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone for the massive reception and feedback that I’ve gotten. Text messages, DM’s on FB/IG/Snap y’all are awesome. It’s like a welcome home party after a long hiatus. Special shoutout to the few standouts that made this so damn worth it! You guys helped get the ball rolling and underway so seriously thank you.

House has always been with me. Even when I didn’t know it…

This mix for me I remember being especially tricky. It’s never hard for me to really get in the mood to mix. I mean, I’ll do this all day, everyday! But the initial reception was so great that I wanted to try and top the mix. This added a bit of anxiety that I didn’t anticipate. I was totally in my head like, “what if this mix sucks?” or “what if they only listen to the first 8 bars and decide screw this?”. These were the types of thoughts running through my head. House has always been with me. Even when I didn’t know it, it was the sound my soul had in it . So to question if folks were going to like it or not should not have registered in my brain. But that’s natural I guess.

So again, the little narrative I wrote for this mix prior to it’s release. Until next time, keep the music rocking, stay safe and salute!!

Welcome back!! With such a positive response to my first session I started this one with a huge smile on my face.

Continuing on keeping the soul within my music, I decided the 6 tracks selected would again be a very good representation on how I relax and chill.

So here I am, in the mix, so kick up your feet and enjoy a drink.


  1. Shur-I-Kan – Fantasy (Original Mix)
  2. David Mariscal – Changes (Original Mix)
  3. Christian Arenas – Feel The Night (Aki Bergen Mix)
  4. David K – 73 Tomtom Avenue (Jimpster Mix)
  5. Lauhaus – Varna Vibes (Original Mix)
  6. Jody Watley – Saturday Experience (Blaze Remix)