It’s been about two months since my last podcast and I’ve made one observation; the world has changed. Our perception of what was once normal, is no longer normal. “Social Distancing”, “Shelter In Place” and a host of other terms are now plastered on all over media outlets.

One thing that has remained the same is music and my need for it. I’ve been trying to find the time to sit and place together some music and put aside the time to mix. And I’ve gotta be honest it hasn’t been easy. But tonight I finished up work here at the house and I said I’m gonna commit this. And commit I did!!!!

…you never know when your last day will be. So fuck it, let’s play music!

I decided to do a “Soulful House Sessions” mix because I’ve been really in the mood to do something deeper. My last outing (I’ll House You – 002) was a HUGE hit with those who wanted something a bit more uptempo. But this mix is a bit slower and has a little soul to it. Just how a lot of you like it to be.

Opening the mix up is a very special track by a seriously good friend of mine. I call this guy amazing because he’s nothing short of genius. Dude can play instruments, produce and can DJ. And before you dismiss this as oh can’t all y’all do that, NO! We can’t. I tried my hand at production once upon a time and it was so bad I barely speak of it. His single “Fantasy” which appears on his second personal production outing. I’d bore the shit outta you by telling how dope his music is. Seriously hope I did right by him on this mix. I think I did! LOL!!

So check this mix out, my offering to you for April while we stay home and stay safe. We all seem to have a little more time on our hands and to be honest you never know when your last day will be. So fuck it, let’s play music! As always you can drop me a message and let me know what you think about this mix. I love all of you. And please, keep the music rocking, STAY SAFE and salute to all the front line workers, healthcare specialists and you!! Because you staying home and out the way as much as possible is helping to defeat this virus.

Track Listing

  1. Miles Elliot – Fantasy (Album Version)
  2. Thierry Tomas – Rhythm#1 (Original Mix)
  3. Jerk Boy – In The Beginning (Original Mix)
  4. Sessomatto – I Need Somebody (Akabu Remix)
  5. Nico Castoldi, Castoldi – 1979 (Original Mix)
  6. Jay Vegas – Move That Body (Original Mix)
  7. Sebb Junior – A Piece Of Me (Jarred Gallo Remix)
  8. Sir Piers, A Tribe Called Quest, Si Ashton – Bonita Applebum (Sir Piers and Si Ashton’s Curious House Mix)