It’s 8:36 on a partly cloudy morning here in northern Connecticut. I don’t normally talk about the weather, but I think today it’s rather important to mention it because it’s the first time in forever I got up and just sat in front of my bedroom window and enjoyed the sight. Now only if I had a cup of coffee in hand.

I haven’t done a “Soulful House Sessions” set since April of last year. I sorta fell off the music wagon for a bit. Between some personal life changes and this awful ass virus ’round here, it’s apesky reminder that we really aren’t that much higher on the food chain on Earth. But the music fell off. My posts weren’t always about music and I wasn’t me.

The Rebirth of House

This pandemic silently has been sitting on me mentally. I only became aware of it when I was listening to music and thought of doing a mix, and then nothing. And y’all know me, I always have something cooking in my brain. But it was the pandemic’s silent attack that folks don’t speak about until it manifests itself. And boom it did.

But July 4th weekend last year I decided to move directions, I said nevermind doing all these mix series and being all over the place. Let’s take the brainchild of a convo over 15 years ago and make it into something amazing. And “I’ll House You – The Mixshow” was born. Now that took 4 months of research and planning, but I pulled it off and here we are today.

Soulful House is a feeling

But this mix series I’m not getting rid of. A lot of folks say they like the deeper house vibes and the more soulful sounding house. I pop a few tracks here and there in on the mixshow when I’m showcasing new tracks, but nothing like this mix. I’ll be adding these mixes in as “bonus” episodes on the mixshow. I debated over doing a voice intro/outro or just letting the music speak for itself.

In the end, I decided to just let the music speak. There will be a post taking a deeper dive into each track. This convo I spoke of earlier, it was said I should do a show of me just kind of talking about the tracks. Well I hate the sound of my own voice so I’ll just type it out 🙂 We’ll start with this bonus episode and work backwards. I’ll tag each episode with the post so you can follow along as you listen or just go back later and get a feel for what my personal thoughts were on the tracks.

So gone are the quick hitter 30 minute mixes, I’ll be taking my time with each of the tracks. Letting each do it’s thing and build off the prior. And after an hour you’re left with a mix that you’ll want to rewind and play again. So let’s get it. As always, turn me up, stay dangerous and salute!!

Soulful House Sessions Track Listing

  1. MJSB – Code Switching (Extended Mix) [1980 Recordings]
  2. Adam Port – Weekend – Original Mix [Play It Down Records]
  3. Angelo Ferreri – Izinque (Alessio Cala’ Remix) [Mood Funk Records]
  4. Joey Négrō, Linda Clifford, Akabu – Ride The Storm (Saison Remix) [Z Records]
  5. Kings Of Tomorrow, Alex Mills – WHITE FLAG feat. Alex Mills (Sandy Rivera’s Extended Mix) [Deepvisionz Recordings]
  6. DJ Gomi, Aaron K. Gray, David Morales – God Made Me Funky (David Morales Kings of House NYC Mix) [Quantize Recordings]
  7. Martin Badder, DJ Rae – Change (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix) [Let There Be House]
  8. Rony Seikaly – Feels Right (Original Mix) [Stride]
  9. Sebb Junior, Hatiras – Gravitate (Original Mix) [Spacedisco Records]
  10. Tiefschwarz f. Tracey Thorn – Damage (The Buick Projekt Remix) [Fine]
  11. Dante Tom – Down Together (Extended) [Random Soul Recordings]
  12. Jay Ward, Duskope – Yes I Do (Original Mix) [Spacedisco Records]
  13. Adryiano – On My Side (Original Mix) [Soul Notes Music]
  14. Dam Swindle, Jitwam – Coffee in the Morning (Original Mix) [Heist Recordings]
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