The small things in life

Monday rolled around and I turned 43 years old. I’m not one to be ashamed of my age or totally go nuts about the number. To me it’s just life. But as I sit back and reflect on what I’ve done in these years, that’s where I worry. Have I done enough? Have I done enough for everyone around me. How funny is it that this was answered a few days prior having lunch with my nephew.

Rewinding back a week, I spoke to my sister about taking my eldest nephew out for lunch. We haven’t spoken in a few months, so I wanted to catch up with my budding musician of a nephew. We sat and talked for a bit and had a great lunch. I was really excited to see him. I won’t get into the why I haven’t seen him here, but it was so good to finally see him and get to have a solid face to face. Family is important to me. I don’t have a huge sprawling family and so I’m closest to my sister and her kids.

…because you matter. God bless


After talking for about two hours I started to cash out at the restaurant. Mission accomplished in my book. I was satisfied with the conversation and set up next steps for us to continue talking and even hanging out. As the waitress came back with my debit card and receipt, she says, “This is for you.”.

Gift Card

She went on to explain that woman saw my nephew and I sitting and talking and laughing. It reminded her of her family and how she grew up poor and all they had was family. This totally caught me by surprise. I was doing only what I knew I wanted to do. I wanted to see my nephew before my birthday. This was unexpected. if you’ve followed me for awhile on Instagram, you’ll know that I from time to time buy breakfast or coffee for the car behind me at Dunkin Donuts. Paying it forward, no questions asked, no business cards so they know who did it. And this is how it should be in the world. And this woman gave me a gift card on that same premise. Little did she know she made my weekend even that much more enjoyable.

And now what

I turned 43 on Monday and as a result I turned a year older. Curious on how that works right? But at 43 I’m committing to do a lot more “good” in this world. Paying the breakfasts once in a while is a nice to do, but I want to get into bigger initiatives . Not to the point of DJ’ing again for The Relay For Life (which were amazing experiences), but something a bit more fulfilling. We have to live here, we have to live with one another. So besides providing free mixes to the masses, I’ll be on the hunt for something a bit bigger than me to help out some. Hey, who knows, I might even get a few of you to join me. But I’ll wait and see how that all plays out.

So that’s it, got a few mixes in my head i want to flush out and a couple that are ready for consumption. Maybe as a belated gift iTunes will accept my RSS feed so i can get these mixes on iTunes. Having a fantastic time trying to get that to full work out.

And a special thank you to few folks who hit me up to wish me a happy birthday and all that good stuff. I don’t make a big to do, but y’all made a DJ happy. Super shout out to my friend Mike for the radio shout out in Houston, Texas. That was something totally unexpected as well! Til next time, keep the music rocking, stay safe and salute!