The past 5 years have been quite the journey. I’ve had a lot happen and change to say the absolute least. Some of it I’ll share over the next few months, some I’m keeping close to my chest because believe it or not I am pretty private.

I guess I’ll start where I left off with music. For those that weren’t following me on Facebook I had a bit of a, well, we’ll call it a “forced transitional” period. A name change and a bit of musical chairs with my own music. But I found new life in what I was doing.

I transitioned from a club DJ to more of a private gig DJ. I did weddings and parties and it was fun. The money was hella good. I mean way better than clubs were paying me. And that’s when it happened. Money.

You quickly realize, whoa, this shit is serious!

Money, money, money

Money became more important than the art. Money had me taking gigs I knew I didn’t want. It drove me to drive endless miles and work twice as hard at a trade that I know I am good at. All for the mighty dollar.

I left djing for a while. It sucked. Not gonna even lie. I walked away Feb of 2018 after my last booked gig and I felt free. I felt like the world moved on from me and I was left to focus on what was important. But it left a small whole. One that got bigger as the days fell off the calendar. I couldn’t put my finger on it then, but it was the music trying to call me back.

I decided to go back to my calling. House music. House has been my home for more years than most folks know. I said to hell with the gigs. Didn’t need them. I wanted to go back to my roots and my hobby. The main reason I started gigging in the first place. Gonna sell off my old setup and main speakers and setup my home studio. Yeah…that’s what I was gonna do. Little did I know my life would turn upside down.

My mom passed away almost two months after that last gig. My master plan to get back to me. To do what I am doing now, vanished. What plan? House what? DJ who? Yeah like that I lost every bit of push I had. The following months were a serious battle of self control of emotions and pure raw sadness that I hadn’t encountered in some time.

A year came and went. I still find myself raw with emotion. I still have my days where I drive and my eyes are full of tears. Not gonna pretend. But I have this now. I have my music and I have a journey I need to complete.

So from time to time I’ll get a little personal. But for now let’s keeps the music rolling. So until next time keep the music rocking, stay safe and salute!!