2020!! What a year to be alive and I’m happy that you are getting the chance to read this. I sincerely hope everyone had a great and restful 2019 holiday season. The end of 2019 marked the close of my first season of my podcast. But the calendar flipped low and behold here we are at the beginning of the year.

I personally have done some growing this year with you all. I started this out back in May of 2019 with the hopes of dropping a mix every two weeks and some blog articles. We all know how that worked out now don’t we?? I’m taking a more subtle approach this year with my music and writing. I’ll be publishing my podcasts on a more regular basis, and with more episodes this season. A few special addition mixes as well to keep those who swear I’m just not enjoying myself DJ’ing.

So that’s it from me, quick note to say Happy New Year and welcome to Season 2. As always, I’m open for comments and requests. Thank you, Samantha R., for the track that kept me head nodding this holiday season. Will absolutely place it in upcoming ‘Soulful House Sessions’ mixes. Keep the music rocking, always stay safe and salute to 2020!