Oh there’s an Episode 2??

Hey everyone!! Looking back for a moment, episode 1 was a complete smash!! Thank you to the folks who listened and downloaded my mix on a host of different sites. Very much appreciated and I do this solely for you. So again THANK YOU!!!

If I’m being honest with y’all, the entire process is a lot more time consuming than I imagined. One man shop, so it’s a labor of love. But it’s something I’m have an absolute blast doing.

So here we are on episode 2 and I went digging. Playing the Beatport Top 100 is easy, any DJ can do it. Laidback Luke said it best a few years back on his 2015 seminar on “Real DJ’ing”. It helped re-establish me as a DJ and to help push me to dig for records.

Critical Feedback

Within 3 days of Episode 1 dropping last month the comments and feedback started. And not to name names, I’ll share a few with you and answer them here as I told the folks who messaged me I would:

Can you play more vocal house tracks? Thank you!
Pretty much 90% of the tracks I play nowadays are vocal. They may not be full on vocals, but I do have a lot. So keep listening.

Bro your mixes are garbage, they don’t ramp up enough for a dancefloor.
It’s not that my mixes are garbage, they don’t follow a normal flow like a club playlist would. The purpose of a mixshow is to showcase new and old tracks. Hope that settles that.

…thought you retired? Now you’re doing this? When are you going back to the clubs?
Simply put, never. I’m retired from spinning at clubs and with Covid-19, who’s really going out?? This podcast and other mixes gives me the outlet needed to help provide YOU, with great music.

These were just a sampling of the about dozen messages I received. But again, keeping this short and sweet, enjoy this episode and remember to hit me up with your requests at mixshow@damontbatchelor.com

Mixshow Episode Track Listing

  1. Oliver $ – Doin’ Ya Thang [Play It Down]
  2. Brokenears – Take Me [House ‘n Chips]
  3. Angelo Ferreri – Izinque Alessio Cala’ Remix [Mood Funk Records]
  4. Dario Nunez – BOMBASTIC [Soleado Records]
  5. Jess Kidd – Moyo Djembe [Animal Language]
  6. Celeda, Henrix – The Underground Ronnie Spiteri Remix [Cr2 Records]
  7. Tanera – In the Midnight [TNRA]
  8. Armand Van Helden, Chris Lake – The Answer (feat. Arthur Baker, Victor Simonelli) [Black Book Records]
  9. Marc Palacios, DJ Kone – I Will Survive [Tribal Kitchen]
  10. Huxley – Who Sez [Toolroom]
  11. Tete De La Course – Stuck My Love [MONOSIDE]
  12. Mark Knight, Rene Amesz – All 4 Love (feat. Tasty Lopez) [Toolroom]
  13. Antonio Giacca, Fort Arkansas – What U Know [Enormous Tunes]
  14. Soulvation – Devotion Block & Crown Club Mix [Omerta]
  15. Wh0 – You Got Me [Musical Freedom Records]
  16. Roberto Surace – Joys Nic Fanciulli Club Re-Edit [Defected]