Music Never Lets Me Down

There are days of my life when I felt like I had nothing else but music. Some of those days you could easily see through my ruse of a smile and know exactly how I’m feeling. I really took to heart John Slade in “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” when he had BDP provide his theme music. What can I say?? Music will never let me down. Even the crappy tracks, there’s always something to listen to.

I took a minute putting this out as I had to get a few things in order. I’m excited to say they are all falling into place. So no more delays. I’ll continue doing shows and adding a few bonus episodes here and there to help bridge some of the gaps and also stretch my legs a bit. I still enjoy doing traditional mixes.

So What’s Next DJ?

I get asked often, “So you’re gonna just keep doing radio show and mixes in your house and not perform out in the clubs??” Pretty much yes. I’m at the point of my DJ’ing career and with this looming pandemic I’ve found my happy place.

This is therapy for me…

But what’s next for me?? That’s easy…MORE MIXES!!! I mean were folks expecting a different answer?? This is therapy for me, I love doing this so i’m not quitting any time soon.

So stop asking when I’m retiring!! LOL

My Music

So I picked these tracks for this mix for a very specific reason. I had been in my head about the past and some of the parties I’ve personally DJ’d and a few that I just attended. I never lost what made those parties special in my eyes. Those few select records I would keep for the perfect moment in my book. Or the one song that everyone knew the lyrics to. Times like that made me happy I got to experience them. So now I get to fully share that experience in part here on my mixshow.

As you’ll hear K&K‘s “Peaceful Crowd” later in the mix, house music as always brought a peaceful crowd. Security at house venues were always way more laid back than hip hop. This lax feel made the night seem a bit more fun because you weren’t worried about the thugs runnin’ up in the spot and shooting the place up. Just isn’t part of the scene.

But records like that and Mr. V & Husky on “We Rave Tonight” really brought back some nostalgia for me.

So here’s episode four, I hope you all enjoy it and I’ll have a new episode out in early March to get us back on track. As always, play this loud, stay dangerous and salute!!

Mixshow Episode Track Listing

  1. Miane – Who Are You? (Extended Mix) [Black Book Records]
  2. John Summit – Beauty Sleep (Extended) [Repopulate Mars]
  3. Vintage Culture, Elise LeGrow – It Is What It Is (Club Mix) [Defected Records]
  4. Marlin – Urgent Power (Original Mix) [DFTD]
  5. The Deepshakerz – Never Get Enough (Original Mix) [Too Many Rules]
  6. Simone Liberali, Leon – Can’t You See (Original Mix) [Colore]
  7. Rescue – Here And Now (Original Mix) [Guesthouse Music]
  8. Latasha, Dave + Sam – You Da Shit Girl (Nick Godmode Mø8b Extended Remix) [Classic Music Company]
  9. Mr. V, Husky – We Rave Tonight (Alaia & Gallo Remix) [Bobbin’ Head Music]
  10. Armand Van Helden, Chris Lake – Dubai Dublin (Extended Mix) [Black Book Records]
  11. Monkey Safari – Palomar (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
  12. Nick Rockwell – Hasta La Manana (Original Mix) [Menage Musice]
  13. O&A – Noho (Original Mix) [Play It Down Records]
  14. K & K – Peaceful Crowd (Original Mix) [Sleazy Deep]
  15. Mike Dunn – Natural High (Riva Starr Mo’ Funk Extended Mix) [Glitterbox Recordings]
  16. Kurd Maverick – Dancing To (Extended Mix) [Toolroom]